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World Famous Nuremberg Christmas Market: A Day Trip in Germany

I was in Prague for a few days and wanted to visit a nearby German town. So, I decided that it had to be either Dresden or Nuremberg as both cities can be visited on a day trip from Prague. I decided to document the whole trip and see if any of those two cities […]


Rome and our 17hr layover: Italy by night

This was my first time traveling via Fiumicino because it was also my first time taking Alitalia…Needless to say, I was a little shocked; while the airport felt European, the aircraft was a different story.  It was the least maintained aircraft that I ever flew with…with no video-screen to watch anything on…Italy, specially for Americans, has always […]

Place du Capitole

Toulouse, France. Why la ville rose is a must-see…

Ok. I might sound a little biased on this one but Toulouse, or as the French dearly call it La Ville Rose the undoubtedly the most beautiful of most French cities. Sitting near the Spanish border and right long the Garonne river, this fast growing city is also home Europe’s aircraft manufacturing industry. The city […]