Who’s behind this?

Alistair has been traveling across the world from a young age and speaks five languages. He graduated in Business and Computer Science and runs multiple businesses mostly online. Creator of an award winning card game, he lives with wife and three daughters in Chicago, Illinois. A proud Chicagoan, he is passionate about preserving and defending rights of those working in the field of visual journalism. In this site, Alistair attempts to showcase his experiences during his travels in the US and in other parts of the world.


Alistair in Toronto,  in 2010

While some of his articles and photographs might be perceived as controversial, Alistair intends to share the truth with his readers…If you work in or are part of the travel industry and you intend to have something documented here in this website, feel free to contact him at banerjeealistair@gmail.com. Alistair is a member of NPPA and therefore adheres to its code of ethics for all his journalistic documentations.

Keep traveling!