Trendy and Timeless: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is my hometown and has been so for a long time…This won’t be my article about Chicago but this hopefully lifts you out of your fears and make you visit the city. I’ve been to many countries and visited many cities, big and small. Chicago is, by far, the best city in the US in regards to its beauty, food, cleanliness and PEOPLE. The 2nd being Las Vegas but that I’ll cover on another day.

Maxwell Street Polish, a Chicago creation

Media has long labeled this great city as “dangerous”, “crime prone”…”murder capital” etc. This has something to do how Chicago used to be during Al Capone’s time…which still makes people think that it’s the gangsters’ paradise. Although gang crimes exist here like in most American cities, Chicago is far from being “the most dangerous” city in the US. Today, Chicago is a thriving world-class metropolis with an amazing food scene, clean and beautiful downtown and a city that boasts some of the world’s prime hospitals, universities, concerts, museums etc. It’s a very clean city for it’s size…234 sq miles or over 600 sq kms.

The Mag Mile

If you are in the US or an American who has never been here and thinking of going somewhere on a weekend trip…take that flight to fall in a new love…

Aside from it’s famous stuffed pizzas at Giordano’s or Lou Malnatis, it’s famous Maxwell Street Polish that that can be had at Portillos…be sure to check out The Burger Bar for its delicious sassy wings on N Clyburn, Bucktown’s Owen and Engine for this award winning burger and, Pizza Pot Pie at Chicago Pizzas and Oven Grinder company on N Clark.

Burger at Owen and Engine

Feel free to drop me any question you may have on Chicago, specially if you’re planning a trip. I’d be happy to help!

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