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Toulouse, France. Why la ville rose is a must-see…

Rue du Taur

Ok. I might sound a little biased on this one but Toulouse, or as the French dearly call it La Ville Rose the undoubtedly the most beautiful of most French cities. Sitting near the Spanish border and right long the Garonne river, this fast growing city is also home Europe’s aircraft manufacturing industry.

Place Esquirol

The city has a well-established bike-tract and locals are laid-back. If you are visiting Paris or eastern Spain, stop by this major city in Southern France for a day or two. Local dishes include “cassoulet” and garbure, the latter often served during winter months…

The city is full of students, concerts, great restaurants combined with a nightlife that you won’t forget…

French pastries by Place Wilson


Toulouse is well connected by the TGV and daily multiple flights to and from Paris. If you’re still hesitant, it’s also one of the greenest cities in Europe..

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