Rome and our 17hr layover: Italy by night

This was my first time traveling via Fiumicino because it was also my first time taking Alitalia…Needless to say, I was a little shocked; while the airport felt European, the aircraft was a different story. 

Trevi Fountain

It was the least maintained aircraft that I ever flew with…with no video-screen to watch anything on…Italy, specially for Americans, has always been a fascinating place. And that not because of DeNiro or Jersey Shore but it’s because how we perceive it…pizzas, great food, while, Venice…Florence…warm and welcoming Italians…and a cute language. In all honesty, Rome didn’t impress me. I felt it was in a town that’s falling apart…that’s not being taken care of…and that’s dirty for one of the most well known and visited European capital cities.


Take the train from Fuimicino and get off at Termini. From Termini, you can literally go to anywhere in Rome. So we took the train to visit the Coliseum.

Ham and pistachio pizza…

Interestingly, I actually liked that part of the town. Took some fun pics with the gladiators (you tip them as they are not allowed to ask for money)

We then headed back to Termini where we had this delicious pizza (very simple looking as ALL Italian pizzas)…

Then, we took taxi to Vatican City…then to the Trevi Fountain…





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