Chicago WINGFEST 2018 and why it was worth the visit

A few weeks ago, for the first time,, I attended the Chicago WingFest.  There were beers, unlimited delicious wings and cool music that gets you dancing! Produced by Lodge Management Group, the event was hosted at the UIC pavilion. Over 30 restaurants, mostly from the Chicago area, showcased and served their best-sellers and unique flavored […]


Guanajuato City: Mexico’s hidden beauty

Mexico, as most of you know, has much more to offer than world-class white sand beaches, delicious tacos and margaritas! – Last week, I had the pleasure to visit one of Mexico’s most beautiful and picturesque cities: Guanajuato. Guanajuato means “mouth of the frog” and is the capital of the Mexican state with the same […]


How is Reykjavik, Iceland like? – First impressions.

So I had some collab work to be completed with Reykjavik tourism last week and it was my first time visiting Iceland. Reykjavik is about 40 minutes from Keflavik airport. You can either take a bus which will drop you off at the BSI terminal [less than 10 minutes walk from the iconic Hallgrimskirkja, that […]


Trattoria Gianni Chicago: 30 years of delicious consistency

With over 9000 restaurants in the city and almost over 15000 if you include the greater stretch of the city limits, there’s no shortage of good food in Chicago. In 2017, Chicago was selected as the #1 city in America for food. While there’s no stopping to new restaurant openings, 2017 was also the year […]


Wolf Centre Haliburton Forest: Changing the way we see wolves

Touring the highlands of Ontario during springbreak has its ups and downs. Specially when you’re driving. While activies in the area do still exist, we found ourselves in-between seasons. Before leaving Chicago, I wanted have a clear idea of what I wanted to do at Haliburton which was where we were staying. Depending on the […]


6 foods you must try in Canada

Wherever I go, I find myself attracted to local food. I always thought that food is what brings us together. And when you are traveling local food can also mean getting to know a city a little closer. My 2nd trip to Canada was no different than my all other trips. The best part about […]


St Patrick’s Day in Chicago, Illinois

St Patrick’s Day or the Feast of St Patrick is celebrated every year on the 17 of March. The day was the death day of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who died in 461. Here’s a lesser known bit: St Patrick in reality was far from being Irish. His family was roman living […]


So you want to visit Vienna, Austria. Here’s my first impression!

Created by Celts and Romans, the present day Vienna was founded around 500 BC. Formerly known as Vindobona, the city’s great and long history dates since before the beginning of the Roman empire. I always wanted to visit Vienna, and last year, after an assignment in Nuremberg, Germany, I finally had some time to go […]


Is Kolkata, India, worth visiting?

Kolkata, or still better know as “Calcutta” to the Western world, is a city that invokes a rather sad side of India. It’s a deep-rooted perception that’s been shaped by media documentation in the 80s and 90s in which many journalists often focused on two particular aspects of the city: the massive slum, and Mother […]


The Chicago Auto Show: A World Class Event #CAS18

The City of Chicago is known for its world class events and the one that the locals and people from across the nation can look forward to is the massive Chicago Auto Show which takes place for a little more than a week in February every year. Since 1901, the show has been one the […]